Customer Testimonials 

At Legacy Plumbing, we value our customers’ opinion.  A company is nothing without great references!  Read below for some of our recent customers’ comments:

I was amazed at the attention to detail . . .

Adam C., September 2014
I had noticed vibration noises in my water pipes. I had researched the Internet and did some things myself including total water shutoff and draining/refilling of pipes, draining/refilling the water heater, installing anti-water hammer devices on my clothes washer, etc. I finally bought a water pressure gauge and checked my home water pressure. It was 122 psi! My pressure reducing valve (PRV) was frozen up and I couldn’t adjust it myself, so I decided to call around to get quotes on a fix/replacement of my PRV and possibly a new water heater.

After getting quotes from a couple of major plumbing companies and getting angry at their outrageous quotes after paying their “trip fees”, I decided to call Legacy Plumbing based on reviews I saw online. From the initial conversation with Michelle, the actual visit and work done by Daniel, and the reasonable pricing I couldn’t be more pleased.

Michelle was very upfront with possible options and costs over the phone, and answered all of the questions I had. Daniel showed up the first day as scheduled and was extremely attentive to my explanation as to what I felt was the issue. Daniel then expertly assessed and explained my options and costs for the PRV repair, main water shutoff valve and water heater replacement. After I agreed to the course of action, he and Evert quickly performed the initial repair. I was amazed at the attention to detail, job site cleanliness and cleanup when complete. Throughout, Daniel informed me what was happening and made sure I was satisfied.

Since I decided to have them replace the water heater also (scheduled for two days later), Daniel told me there would be no charge until all the work was complete. Daniel and Evert arrived the next scheduled day on time as before, and again the attention to detail, job site cleanliness and cleanup was awesome. Once again, Daniel kept me informed throughout and made sure I was 100% satisfied.

No more vibration noises, I’m saving water, plenty of hot water with leak protection, and Legacy Plumbing donates a portion of your payment to providing clean water to children in third world countries to boot!

Over the last year we have spent over $30,000 on home remodeling projects with multiple subcontractors, and I am very happy to say that Legacy Plumbing was the easiest and most skilled company to work with I have experienced as a homeowner. I will absolutely use Legacy Plumbing in the future and recommend them to anyone in the area that needs plumbing work (make sure you ask for Daniel).

I have been extremely happy with professional work done . . .

Zainab F., September 2014
Doug showed up on time. He investigated the problem and explained the process as he was going along. He identified the problem, discussed the various options and suggested what would be best under the circumstances. We discussed the various costs, and he again guided without appearing to goad me into any price point. He then gave an estimate of the effort, and was almost spot on. He and his assistant then went to work.

At the end of the fixing the leak, while testing the water flow and ensuring there are no more leaks not previously identified, he noticed the water pressure was higher than expected (this being an older problem), he suggested adjusting the pressure to normal level. So he was being proactive in addressing a future possible issue. We then set an appointment for another day to address this issue, and he worked a price that would treat this new fix as an extension of current work.

I have been extremely happy with professional work done by Doug on behalf of Legacy.

Thank you very much.

I will definitely be using Legacy Plumbing for all my future plumbing needs.

Eric R., August 2014
The guest bathroom toilet rocked a tad. After closer inspection, the flange bolts; nut, and flange had completed rusted out. It was not an emergency job but I wanted to get it fixed as it was beyond my abilities. I have not had good experience with plumbers over the last 5 to 10 years ( I have used them for water heater replacement and outdoor faucet repairs). I searched the internet and yelp for plumbers in my area.

I called Legacy Plumbing and that was a great decision. Everything from Amber taking my call and listening to my situation to Lee who arrived and efficiently replaced all the required toilet parts – bolts; flange; wax ring; etc. to even the shut off valve and water line part was handled in a professional manner.

I was not expecting a same day appointment, however, Lee was there within two hours of my call and explained the work at hand. The invoice matched Amber’s quote and I have no complaints about the final cost.

I will definitely be using Legacy Plumbing for all my future plumbing needs.

Legacy Plumbing has customer service down to the T!

Peg L., August 2014
Legacy Plumbing has customer service down to the T! They were prompt, called yesterday afternoon they were here by 8:00 a.m., called first so I could put the animals back. They were honest and efficient, fixed my toilet and replaced only what was needed, double checked everything, and surprise did not try and sell me things I did not need. They were wonderful with my barking dogs as well. Sam DeAngelis and the other gentleman with him were kind, courteous and very helpful. I would definitely use them for all my other needs. More companies could learn from this customer experience. Oh and they wear shoe covers into your house, how considerate!

They show up on time and are very professional.

William W., July 2014
These guys are great. They show up on time and are very professional. They had to remove bricks in order to isolate the leaks. They are the first and only plumbing company I have used outdoors that replaced brick. Not only did they replace them they did a great job of it. We have recommended this company to a number of our real estate clients and we constantly get great feedback.

I would not hesitate to call Legacy for any future plumbing needs.

Jason L., July 2014
I had a few plumbing problems going on: one was a short hot water life (water would start getting cool after a few minutes in the shower), a dead recirculating pump and a couple of fixtures (sink faucet and dishwasher) were so plugged with sediment that they were unusable. When I called Legacy the first thing they offered was to help me fix the problems (as much as possible) over the phone for no charge. I preferred they handle the work so they sent one of their plumbers – Doug. He started under the kitchen sink and quickly determined that the 13-year old valves were not working and replaced them. At that point I thought he would work on “unplugging” the faucet and dishwasher but I was wrong. He stopped to explain to me that the cost of finding the sediment in the faucet and dishwasher would possibly be more than the cost of replacing them. Since the dishwasher and faucet were so old we elected to not have Doug chase down the sediment plugging them. I handled that part myself.

When Doug went to inspect the recirculating pump he found that the original installation was backwards. So while the pump has been moving water for 13 years it’s been doing so in the wrong direction. This also explained why we were getting so much debris in the hot water lines – it was pulling hot water off the bottom of the tank instead of the top. He quoted a price to replace the recirculating pump and plumb it the right way and he got busy on the work.

After he was finished everything worked perfectly. I have working valves under the sink, no sediment in the lines and the hot water lasts forever. I appreciate the fact that Legacy was willing to help me over the phone (for free) and that Doug explained, prior to working on them, that having him fix the dishwasher and faucet may cost more than replacing them. I would not hesitate to call Legacy for any future plumbing needs.

I highly recommend Legacy Plumbing.

Patrick M., June 2014
From the moment Amber answered the phone to the moment Matt left, it was a great experience. My water heater was installed perfectly and I was informed (and educated about water heaters!) every step of the way. When I asked about other plumbing plans I had for the future Matt provided all the information I needed without the slightest bit of pressure or avarice. A welcome change from most companies I’ve used in the past. These guys are real people that care. I highly recommend Legacy Plumbing.

I would call this company again . . .

Valerie A., June 2014
Lee, with Legacy Plumbing had to take out two or three bricks around the outdoor faucet in order to get the pipe out. He replaced all of the brick, grouting, pipe and faucet in a short time. The work looks good and I don’t think you can tell bricks were removed and replaced.

After mounting the bathroom vanity faucet set, Lee found that the item I purchased did not have all of the parts to hook up the water line. After two trips to Home Depot to get what was needed, we still didn’t have the necessary parts. Lee had me call Delta to request the parts and said he would come back to finish the work. Four days later, I had the parts he needed and I have to say he went out of his way to complete the job before leaving for a vacation that I’m sure he well-deserves.

I am impressed with the quality of work, Lee’s and his assistant’s professionalism and the fact that he was on his way home to begin his vacation, yet came to my home to finish this job, is above and beyond my expectations.

I would call this company again and request Lee for any future plumbing issues.

What I got with Legacy Plumbing was quite refreshing.

Cynthia H., May 2014
First of all, I rarely write reviews, but I am so excited to say, I’ve finally found a plumber I want to let back in my house! We have had a multitude of issues with leaking pipes in our current home. We’ve tried several of the big companies in the past, and some small guys too. The big guys got the job done, but were very pricey and the small guys didn’t necessarily fix everything. So, when we noticed a leak from our son’s bathroom upstairs I started researching plumbers – again.

What I got with Legacy Plumbing was quite refreshing. They came out the next day – could have come the day I called, but I wasn’t able to get off work to do that. They found the problem, doing only minimal damage to my ceiling in order to get to the leak. When I requested they go thru a closet instead of a bedroom wall to access the pipe, they accommodated my request. On top of all that, the price they charged me I felt was quite reasonable. They even waived the locating fee!!

Truly an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend!

Call them!!

Will definitely keep their information for future use and recommend them to others

Courtney C., May 2014
We just used Legacy for the first time and are very satisfied. Daniel gave me a courtesy call prior to arriving and listened to the problems we were having. He investigated and thought he found a large problem with our sewage. Instead of jumping right to the worst-case-scenario and most expensive solution, he took his time, tried a few other things and solved the problem without costing me hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. He was also extremely fair in the billing process. We appreciate the integrity he showed us and will definitely keep their information for future use and recommend them to others.

Thank you again so much to Legacy Plumbing for being invested in building a relationship with us rather than making a quick buck.

John M., April 2014
Lee was just fantastic, which I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about based on all of the excellent reviews Legacy Plumbing already enjoys. I was really appreciative though that he was very thorough in explaining everything about what he planned to do and how he was going to do it, and gave us helpful tips about the condition of our plumbing and some ideas about how we could avoid plumbing problems as related to our washer/dryer (e.g., buy braided stainless steel hoses for the water connections next time we were at the hardware store, instead of relying on the rubber/plastic ones, if we wanted to extend the life of these connections; also some notes about our water heater and how to keep it in good condition). He was seriously one of the best contractors we’ve ever had in our house.

He worked carefully and conscientiously, making sure to alert me before he started welding in case it might set off our smoke alarm etc. He cleaned up and wore little booties to cover his shoes when he walked in & out of the house. He explained various additional services that Legacy Plumbing offered and gave me various choices for how he was going to fix our water line behind our fridge as well as how best to dispose of the old kitchen faucet etc.

I felt very respected and appropriately consulted in the entire process of his work, which was nice because it was just a professional, courteous way of providing customer service.

John’s Appliance Repair, which we also had a great experience with, was the company that recommended Legacy Plumbing.

We really, really appreciated Lee’s customer service commitment, attention to detail, and communication. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone, and on top of that the price seemed to be great for the quality of work provided – so they’re also a good value. No complaints whatsoever about the experience and have been recommending Legacy Plumbing to everyone now, though this may mean it will be harder to schedule them the next time we call!

Thank you again so much to Legacy Plumbing for being invested in building a relationship with us rather than making a quick buck. So hard to find service providers that believe in relationship building – you all are a gem!

I called Legacy because they were the top-ranked plumbing company in our area.

Tim S., April 2014
Wow. Legacy was the 3rd plumbing company that came to do this job, but the only ones who got it done, and right. We called Legacy LATE yesterday afternoon, after dealing with two other plumbing companies. Legacy worked us in the schedule fast (we called in after 4 pm, they were here at 8:00 am). The customer service rep was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Lee, the plumber, showed up bright and early this morning as planned – professional and definitely knows plumbing. He was able to clear the blockage even though our only ground-level clean-out point was small. I called Legacy because they were the top-ranked plumbing company in our area. Now I know that is for good reason. Straight talking, hard-working, get-the-job done, without upselling. Charged what they quoted.

Yep, this was the right choice.

David K., 2014,
Yep, this was the right choice. Sam and Canon were not only professional, they were also personable and informative! I had tried everything to get my drains unplugged in the bathtubs but to no avail. I was sick of dealing with craigslist amateurs and decided to call a legit company. I’m glad I did, and it was a lot cheaper than what I first considered. A good experience, and I would use them again!

Both gentlemen were courteous, personable, and respectful . . .

Lydia M., March 2014
When I called Legacy, I spoke with Amber who was very nice and professional. She gave me several scenarios including pricing. On the day of the appointment, Doug showed up as scheduled. We discussed the issues and he gave me several options and prices based on different solutions I could select. His pricing was all pre-programmed on his iPad based on those different options. He answered questions, gave information and we agreed on the best solution. His coworker arrived shortly thereafter and the two of them started work and worked diligently for almost 4 hours to fix the problems. Both gentlemen were courteous, personable, and respectful and I appreciated the “blue booties” they wore while in my home. If these 3 employees of Legacy Plumbing are any indication, I trust Legacy Plumbing. I feel these people were honest and tried their utmost best to give me reliable information and felt the gentlemen did a great job. I will be replacing some other plumbing fixtures in the near future and I will be calling Legacy again. I will also recommend them to my family, friends, and neighbors.

Doug also gave us some really helpful advice to help prevent this from happening again.

Jonathan T., Feb 2014

Legacy Plumbing - We love our customers' pets tooI had called on Sunday (they were closed) and left a message to see about scheduling someone to come out and take a look at an outside pipe that had been dripping for days. They called back first thing Monday morning to get more details and we agreed it was something to do with the hot water heater in the garage since the dripping pipe was just on the other side of that wall. Being a new homeowner we weren’t quite sure so I was relieved they had a good idea what the problem was, and had quoted a few prices to give me an idea. The plumber was scheduled for 8-10 AM the following day and I was told he’d call when he was on his way. Sure enough, Doug called shortly after 8 AM saying he was en route, and had arrived just before 8:30 AM. Just after coming in he put some plastic bootie/shoe covers on to protect my floor — I’m mentioning this because I appreciated him taking an extra measure to not track outside debris through my home. After seeing the pipe and the water heater he concluded that it was the temperature and pressure valve that had “popped” and would need to be replaced. It was more or less a very simple fix and the cost to replace the valve was spot on to the quote I was given the day before. And this being our first time using them, they had waived the $50 service fee. The part itself has a 1 year warranty through Legacy Plumbers, and Doug also gave us some really helpful advice to help prevent this from happening again in the future. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again in the future when needed.

Well all of the Yelp reviews were right.

Bryan W., Feb 2014

Well all of the Yelp reviews were right. This was the best plumbing experience I have had. I was shopping around for a new water heater and was thinking about going tankless. After getting some outrageous quotes on both tank and tankless, I decided to look to Yelp for Help….
I spoke with Amber who immediately told me that Legacy Plumbing does not install or recommend tankless systems. She said that she would be very honest with me and told me that they get more call for problems with tankless systems than anything else. Amber said that Legacy Plumbing does not want to put their customers through the troubles that tankless systems cause. She then quoted me a price on a tank heater that was better than any other place I called.
Within 2 days, I had my new water heater installed, and the technician Lee, arrived ON TIME, and was also very willing to give me some advice about some other water issues I have been having.

Lee installed the new water heater and it works great. I am very pleased with the customer service at Legacy Plumbing and will use them from here on out.

Their office was reassuring – they provided me flat rate prices.

Arthur C. Jan 5, 2014

I searched Angie’s list for several hours before deciding to call Legacy Plumbing to fix a leak in our main water supply line. I had read some plumbing “horror stories” while selecting them and worried that it would be hard to predict the cost before the leak was located. Their office was reassuring – they provided me flat rate prices for the repair, based on the type and location of the failure.

Matthew of Legacy Plumbing arrived on time, dug around the source of water flow, and quickly located the broken “tee” section containing the leak. Having had rental units for 20 years, I could tell that he was an unusually skillful and knowledgeable plumber and was impressed by the speed and the quality of his procedures. Very easy to communicate with, he answered all of my technical questions – pleased that I took an interest in his work. Before we knew it he had fixed the leak, the water was back “on”, and the total charge was $431, reduced by a $50 “Trip Refund” discount.

A week later, we needed to have a new toilet installed and again called Legacy Plumbing. We were pleased when Matthew showed up and he was just as impressive as before. He quickly installed a new shutoff valve, new feed lines and the toilet, and carried away the old one for a total of $230 – reduced by a $25 “Trip Refund” discount.

We are very satisfied with the work that Matthew of Legacy Plumbing has performed for us and will call them again if any plumbing problems occur on our property in the future.

I will definitely use them again.

Mori H. Dec 13, 2013

I was very pleased with the service. Matt and Canon arrived promptly, really took time to explain things and answered all my questions, and conducted themselves in a professional manner. They were clean and neat with the work. I’ve been looking for a good local plumber in the Little Elm area. I’ve tried many of the larger plumbing companies, but I never felt really satisfied. They also shared some background information about how Legacy Plumbing is managed. To have employees speak so highly about the company and the leadership of that organization says a great deal to me about the company. I will definitely use them again.We Love Dogs at Legacy Plumbing

Highest level of service and fair pricing.

Eileen C. Dec 11, 2013

Highest level of service and fair pricing. Wayne and his partner were courteous (wore protective shoe coverings) professional and provided prompt, excellent service. They were well aware of the problem and fixed my water heater just in time before the ice storm. I know they were busy and I worried about them making it home safely but I had been without hot water after a biopsy and I needed to take care of the wound. I cannot say thank you enough and I now have good plumbers to recommend to my friends. Thanks for employing the best plumbers and friendly helpful office staff (Brandie and Amber) I will be using Legacy Plumbing again in the future for all my plumbing needs


B.O. Nov 15, 2013

Legacy Plumbing is the company to call when you have plumbing issues. I called them to fix a blocked toilet and a second running toilet based on reviews I saw online here. I was very impressed with their service technician (Lee) – he was professional, spoke to me about what the problems were, fixed both toilets in less than 45 minutes and CLEANED UP AFTER HE WAS DONE. Who does that? He gave me advice on a water pressure issue that we were having and that two previous plumbing companies had no clue on how to fix. My wife asked me to call him back to fix that. Again, Lee was dispatched, called to say he was on his way, was professional and was done in about 40 minutes.

They are not the cheapest but I didn’t care about that; the problems were fixed and the service was great. I will definitely use them again.

They are professional, trustworthy, and reliable.

Lauren J. Nov 6, 2013

This company is top notch. They are professional, trustworthy, and reliable. They arrive on time (and quickly), friendly from the initial phone call to the tech that comes to do the work. Our homeowners insurance does not use them, they use a company that we will never, ever use again, and whenever there is a plumbing issue at the house, we always choose to just pay out of pocket for Legacy. They are great! They may not be the cheapest provider, but you definitely get what you pay for! They even tightened up loose connections around the bathroom at the faucet, etc when they got done fixing the main issue. We recommend Legacy!

Best of Business 2013 Logo

Legacy Plumbing will definitely be our plumbing company of choice.

Robert S. Oct 18, 2013

We had two toilets with issues. One had two leaks one from the tank into the bowl and at the floor. Doug compared the price with the repairs to buying a new toilet and due to the fact the toilet was 23 years old and to make the repairs that would involve taking apart and reseating the toilet costs in labor and parts we decided to purchase a new one. Also had a floor leak one a second toilet and that was repaired as well. Doug fully explained the work and possible maximum costs so we were fully informed in order to make our decision. Doug had a new toilet on this truck and completed all repairs on the first call. We are very happy and impressed with Doug’s customer service,
knowledge, and workmanship. After using several companies in the past without being fully satisfied Legacy Plumbing will definitely be our plumbing company of choice.

Complete professional as well as a super nice guy

Barbara M. Oct 3, 2013

Called Legacy and spoke with Amber. She was very helpful and friendly. Quoted approximate cost to repair garbage disposal and offered pricing on two replacement options also. Set up an appointment for the next day with Amber promising to call prior to them showing up. I had bought a coupon on Angie’s List and my printer was not working, but Amber set it up so I didn’t need to print it. Received a call from Lee at about 1:00 pm the next day. An hour early which was great! He came out, explained all options without “up selling ” like the plumbers I dealt with recently. No trying to squeeze more money out of us. Just here are your options, I’m here to do what you want done. Lee was a complete professional as well as a super nice guy. When he was done with the work you couldn’t even tell he had been here. Everything was cleaned up and put back in place. I am very happy with the service Lee and Amber provided and think I have finally found a plumbing company to replace the plumber I used for 30 years until he retired. Thanks Legacy!!

Very professional and personable

Mike C. Sept 16, 2013

Daniel Zukowski , who I will definitely ask for again, arrived at my home precisely at 10:00 a.m. as scheduled and replaced an outside spigot that had been leaking. He was very professional and personable and fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes. I was very impressed with the service in all aspects, from the scheduling to the repair. Customer service in the office is top notch and Daniel is not only an excellent and knowledgeable plumber but a delightful person as well. We had a coupon this visit, but the general pricing is very fair with the trip cost much less than I’m used to paying.Additionally, Legacy plumbing donates part of the cost of their services to a very worthwhile charity. This impressed me even further. We have been looking for a plumbing service and happy to say, we found one! Will absolutely call them again for plumbing service!

Went above and beyond

Todd W. Sept 19,2013

Legacy Plumbing is the only company to use for plumbing repairs, etc. Matt went above and beyond to fix an annoying bubbling sound in my downstairs bathroom by isolating the issue in my attic (AC set up issue) and fixing it! I sleep so much better now that that annoying sound is done.

He also fixed a clog in my upstairs bathroom quickly and without any issue.
I received the utmost in customer service from Matt and I highly recommend Legacy Plumbing!

I greatly appreciate the honesty and the work done.

James A. August 6, 2013

Plumber was very professional and courteous. He was on time, diagnosed the issues, and provided affordable solutions. The shower control handle was tricky because the part was 17 years old. Somehow he was able to access the part, and was able to install it within two days of his first trip. I was concerned that I might have to have the valve replaced, which would involve major wall work and expense. Thankfully, this company provided an honest man who was cost conscious, taking the view of the homeowner. The shower now works better than ever, and I greatly appreciate the honesty and the work done.

Legacy Plumbing, YOU ROCK.

Susan P. Aug 2, 2013

I had gotten Legacy Plumbing’s business card from a handyman we had hired who found one of our plumbing issues to be out of his league. We put off the repair (faucet replacement) for about a year and then suddenly other issues popped up and I knew it was time to call someone. Dug up that old business card, checked out what the Yelpers had to say, then made the call – so happy I did!

The most excellent Matt was dispatched to our house and took care of all 4 issues quickly and competently, explaining beforehand and as he went along exactly what was wrong and what he was going to do to fix it. And we saved a hundred dollars because of A) being first-time customers and B) the online specials on their website.

Legacy Plumbing, YOU ROCK. ‘Nuff said.

Highly Recommended!!!

Charles G., July 25, 2013

I was about to install a new faucet in the kitchen when I noticed that one of my shut off valves was leaking and another didn’t work at all. I called Legacy and got scheduled for the next day. They called me a few minutes later and let me know that they could come out right now due to a cancellation. Doug showed up in the next 30 minutes and did an excellent, quick, and clean job with the shut off valve replacement (I had him do the dishwasher shut off also because it was looking bad too). On a whim, I asked him to check and see if our water pressure was up to code (we just moved in to a new house and it seems much lower than we’re used to). He quickly diagnosed that the pressure was 37 pounds when code is 80. He adjusted the in ground valve until pressure was appropriate and taught me how to check it myself to see if it drops – he also quoted a price for replacement if needed. Overall, an excellent service experience – highly recommended!

Legacy Plumbing Gets 5 Stars!!!

Melisande Z,. July 19, 2013

Legacy Plumbing was at my door within 3 hours of calling for an appointment. Matt and Lee fixed three plumbing problems within a short amount of time. They were knowledgeable and fixed only what needed fixing. They explained what they were doing and answered my questions in a way that didn’t seem like they were talking down to me. The pricing was competitive but with the coupon and discount, it turned out to be a great deal! Everything works as it should and looks new. Thanks Matt and Lee! JOB WELL DONE!! Legacy Plumbing definitely gets 5 stars!

wayne pierce - Legacy PlumbingImpressed and Very Pleased!!!

Jennifer P., June 28, 2013

We called Legacy Plumbing after discovering a water leak in our garage and along the outside of our house. Our hose bib had burst, and when we turned on the faucet, water ran along the inside wall of our garage and along the foundation on the outside of the house. The plumbers who came to our home were professional, friendly, and very informative. They replaced the faucet in our brick and sealed it nicely with silicone caulk. While they were here, they checked our other hose bib to ensure that it hadn’t busted. I was highly impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, and pricing. We had used a different company several years ago to replace the same hose bib. While Legacy was a little more expensive ($189 vs $150), they did a much better job and used a better quality faucet. I am very pleased and will definitely recommend this company to others.

Legacy Plumbing Save My Marriage!!!

Matt W., June 11, 2013

Well, maybe not saved – as it wasn’t really in jeopardy – but I sure got your attention! If anything, they definitely put me in my wife’s good graces! We have a new-ish home (1+ years old), and a variety of plumbing problems sprung up in succession. I tried researching how to fix the garbage disposal, but had nightmares of getting it apart and then not being able to put it back together. I tried fixing the toilet myself, even purchased one of those water saving devices (well, its leaking now); etc etc. Found these guys on Yelp, and the woman who answered was so helpful – quoting us over the phone for typical prices for their work. They are local and have an awesome focus on helping others (they helped build/donate to the park in Frisco), and every year they choose a volunteer opportunity to donate to. We got a discount on it being our first call to them, the gentleman who came out called and asked very politely if it would be OK to come by early (whoever gets a service person out early?!) He was efficient, knowledgeable, clean, and overall very easy to work with. Didn’t charge me to tighten the nut on the garbage disposal! And I felt the fees for the other work were fair. I paid my bill on their iPad, had the invoice emailed to me, and I wish that every company I ever have to hire was as easy as this group was to work with! Will definitely recommend to my neighbors, and will call them again (but hoping I don’t have to!).

First Rate Outfit!!

Adam C., May 22, 2013

First rate outfit!! Super polite, friendly and professional lady that answers the phones, and they worked with my schedules changes very well. They over-communicate on everything, especially anticipated costs – you know exactly what you are getting into before you spend a dime. When the tech found out that my valve was 6 feet under ground instead of the usual 2 feet, he called in another tech, and went on a mining expedition to fix it. It was late Friday afternoon when they figured out the job would be bigger and dirtier than anticipated, I am certain a lesser plumber would have reset for the following week, but they made it happen right then. They spot quoted me a couple of future projects I might do as well. Tech was also friendly, polite and professional. Good clean-up, no complaints at all, will use for next plumbing issue.


I was very impressed with Legacy from the start

Susan C., May 16, 2013

I was very impressed with Legacy from the start. They were very professional. Amber worked with my schedule. She even called me back to see if I wanted them to come earlier since they had a cancellation in their schedule. They were scheduled between 12-2 and the plumber arrived at around 12:15. He was courteous and ready to go to work. The work was completed in approx. 90 minutes with the area cleaned. He explained the type of water heater, what they had done and showed me the manuals for the water heater. I was impressed with the tablet technology that they were using. I received a confirmation of my bill by email that day. Overall, they were great. I have already called them to schedule another appt. for my other water heater!!

I will definitely be giving Legacy Plumbing a call for all my future plumbing needs

John P., April 29, 2013

“Lee, the plumber, called 20 minutes before he showed up which was right at the beginning of the time window given to me by the dispatcher. He confirmed the price of the work which was a fixed price. Once I saw how professional he was, I decided to have him do the other bathroom while he was there to save myself the cost of the service call. There was a problem with the compression fitting on the second bathroom so he tried to replace it with a new one. When that did not work to his satisfaction, he soldered on a new piece of pipe at no additional charge. Lee was very professional, a pleasure to talk to, and he answered all of my questions (and I always have a lot of questions!!). I will definitely be giving Legacy Plumbing a call for all my future plumbing needs.


Deborah H., April 8, 2013

“I called for a backed up toilet and an exterior dripping faucet. Lee and Chris were very prompt and professional. They went beyond the usual to find and fix the problem. When they could not clear the clogged toilet, they called Wayne who with his camera took a look inside the pipes! Wayne was also very persistent and they did prevail! When the day was done, out came a squirrel! Yes, that’s right, the squirrel had climbed in and was clogging the pipes. Thank you Legacy Plumbing! Excellent!

First Rate Customer Service

Phillip K., March 26, 2013

“I am happy to report that Wayne and Legacy Plumbing get the Gold Medal again for first rate customer service. Wayne arrived at the agreed upon time, assessed the toilet problem and immediately

went to the truck and returned with an auger, and set to work. He then gave me some advice from his experience that certain cleaning cloths are not safe for flushing and has been known to cause problems. The auger provided proof that his experience was true as regards to my non-flushing toilet. BTW, it now flushes without problem. Replacement of the worn-out exterior faucet was accomplished in his normal, efficient, and professional manner. I am very happy that the final price was less than the original phone estimate and I am extremely pleased with the continued high standards of Legacy Plumbing and will use no other.”

Scheduling was very fast

Eric S., March 5, 2013

“Their service from beginning to end was very professional and courteous. They gave accurate estimates over the phone. Scheduling was very fast. Plumber on site was very knowledgeable and very customer service oriented. He was willing to take time to answer questions. And he offered alternate solutions/options to improve energy savings and hot water supply. He was also very thorough in reviewing the work completed. He also took the time to troubleshoot a small issue with the hot water supply at our kitchen faucet. The issue was not related to the installation of hot water tanks. The issue was easy for him to spot and fix (less than 10 minutes). It saved me the time and trouble of installing a new faucet which would not have fixed the problem – I’d still be troubleshooting the issue. Excellent service and outstanding performance in my opinion. I will call Legacy Plumbing next time I need plumbing work.”Readers-Choice-Frisco-Legacy-Plumbing

Very impressed and satisfied with the work.

Paul Y., February 25, 2013

“Excellent service. Scheduled for 10:00, Matthew called ahead and arrived at 10:00 – perfectly prompt. He put on booties to keep everything clean, laid down a large cloth wherever he was working, and cleaned up as if he had never been there. We had significant drywall damage in the first floor study due to a large leak from the bathroom upstairs. Matthew used a video scope through the ceiling to quickly diagnose the problem. He fixed the problem quickly and effortlessly. Overall, very impressed and satisfied with the work. Professional, couldn’t have been more courteous and pleasant, and prompt. He also applied coupons from both the website and Angie’s List which was incredibly thoughtful and honest of him. Kudos to Legacy and Matthew!”

I will recommend this company to anyone in this area looking for a plumber!

Susan D., February 11, 2013

“Plumber arrived on time. Gave me a very concise estimate of the cost and several options of repair which I agreed to and within 15 minutes, he had found and repaired the leak. He was polite and amiable and really knew what he was doing. He also gave me several pieces of advice on winterizing my exterior faucets and areas where I could improve my plumbing. He suggested ideas on how to dry my carpet that had been affected by the leak. We are in our late 70’s, so polite, articulate workers are really appreciated. I will recommend this company to anyone in this area looking for a plumber!”

Very personable, professional, and genuinely cared about completely satisfying our needs

Barbara M., January 30, 2013

“We received a phone call from the company within 24 hours of submitting a request through Angie’s List. The initial service visit was scheduled for the next business day. Doug showed up on time (giving us a heads-up when he was close) and went right to work evaluating the loud buzzing noise coming from our H/W circulator pump. He explained his estimation of the cause and made an effort to salvage the old pump by locating replacement parts. As it turned out, parts were not available so we requested he come back the next day with a new pump for installation. He arrived the next day, on time, and completed the work to our complete satisfaction. No more Buzzing! Doug was very personable, professional, and genuinely cared about completely satisfying our needs. We have found the service provider for all our plumbing needs!”

EXTREMEMLY professional and courteous

Kaomi S., January 18, 2013

“I was happy with this company from the time I called and spoke with Amber. She was EXTREMEMLY professional and courteous – talk about exceptional customer service! Then we have the plumber, Lee, that came out to fix my toilet – he was very prompt and professional! There was a little bit of a misunderstanding with the pricing and Theron was quick to call me and clear up the issue to ensure that I was happy! Thank you Legacy Plumbing for the great work! I will definitely use them again!”

Legacy Plumbing-Readers-Choice-AwardLegacy will have my business without question.

Philip K., December 19, 2012

“This was the best experience I have ever had with a plumbing company. Wayne called to ask if would be alright to arrive early (no plumber ever arrives early – but this guy does!) Wayne arrived, assessed the problems and got to work. He had the drain running in less time that I could ever imagine, and started on the toilet. This guy is a magician, he had it apart, installed the new type ¼ turn water shut-off valve under the toilet tank that I requested, put it all back together, calibrated flushing and performing perfectly, all while giving advice to prevent future problems. Left the bathroom clean – truly wonderful! I give them an A+ for honesty, quality work, and over and above the call of duty helpfulness. When we need plumbing in the future, Legacy will have my business without question.”

Legacy Plumbing quickly understood the problems

Rehan Z., December 5, 2012

“Our water heater was not originally installed correctly by a different plumbing company, the dishwasher was installed crooked, and there were some drain issues with the kitchen sink. The

representative from Legacy Plumbing quickly understood the problems and advised us on the solutions, pricing, and promptly performed the services in a short amount of time. This worked out quite well as I had to take time off from work and had a limited amount of time available. I would definitely hire Legacy Plumbing to do any plumbing related services again!

I would recommend to anyone!

Jeff P., November 19, 2012

“Came home from work on a Friday evening to discover our water heater leaking and was informed by my wife that we weren’t going all weekend without hot water. I wasn’t expecting to be able to get the work done on the weekend without paying an exhorbitant price, but searched Angie’s List and found Legacy Water Heaters. It was after hours, so I left a voicemail with them. They called first thing on Saturday morning and said they could do the work that day. They sent a man out to look at the situation and gave me a price. The owner arrived a short time later with a new water heater and the installation was completed in a few hours. The work was done for the quoted price and the workmanship appears to be very good. I would recommend to anyone.”

Legacy Plumbing is awesome!

Sara S., November 9, 2012

“Legacy Plumbing is awesome! They give you an accurate (as accurate as they can based on a description of the problem) estimate over the phone when you first call. Matt is awesome! Very professional! He is more than willing to talk you through what he is doing so there is no question about what’s being done. We’ve already suggested him to friends and will continue to do so!”

I will use Legacy Plumbing in the future.

Don S., October 8, 2012

“I could hear the sound of a water leak when I would place my ear against the wall in one of my restrooms. The 1948 home is a pier and beam with very little clearance to work on plumbing. Called Legacy Plumbing and asked for Matt Lawrence to come out for the service. Matt had performed a quality service on a previous call and he was a pleasure to work with. Very professional. He was on time. He kept me informed as to what he was encountering with the project. It took quite a while to complete the job. But, he stayed with it to completion. I will use Legacy Plumbing in the future.”

Total bill was significantly less than I expected

Gary F., October 1, 2012

“The plumber and his helper showed up exactly on time and I explained what needed to be done. Another plumber had told me that to repair my outside faucets, bricks would have to be removed and the price was quite high because of all the work that would be entailed. The Legacy Plumbing rep checked them and determined they could be replaced without all of the demolition and rebuilding. He completed all of his tasks quickly and efficiently and the total bill was significantly less than I expected. I will definitely use them for all of my plumbing needs.”

This has been my best experience with a plumbing company to date

Roonu R., September 22, 2012

“This has been my best experience with a plumbing company to date and I have dealt with many because I own several properties. I never used Legacy because my home warranty wanted me to use a specific company. However, I was really impressed with the extremely helpful attitude of the owner. My sewer line was completely stopped up and Legacy was the only company who came in at no charge, looked at the job, and gave me correct advice and a very reasonable estimate. He did not try scare tactics nor did he push the work on me. He only gave me his true professional opinion and I actually felt guilty for not using him because he did not charge me a penny for over an hour of his time. I will definitely use only Legacy the next time I need to call a plumber.”

Provided that WOW level of customer service

Craig B., September 14, 2012

“My entire experience from my initial call to the service I received was above and beyond my expectations. In the past, I have dealt with several other plumbers and always seemed to get the so called “run around”. This was not the case in dealing with the team at Legacy Plumbing. I was quoted a price and was even advised of coupon savings. I was promised a two hour window on the same day and was called beforehand. The service was performed quickly and thoroughly. Wayne is an excellent plumber and is highly skilled and provided that WOW level of customer service.”

Very honest and professional

Qing Z., Plano TX, August 20, 2012

I love Legacy Plumbing’s service. Very honest and professional. To fix my drain line, Matthew had to open the outside wall. He did an excellent job to keep all breaks in good shape. it saves a lot money from buying the new breaks… I would highly recommend Legacy Plumbing.


I was so impressed, I called them back a few months later

Steven G., Plano TX, August 4, 2010

I called Legacy to replace a cracked toilet. They were excellent in every regard: courteous, helpful (recommended quality toilets), effeicient, and very neat.

They did extra work, in my judgment, for no extra charge, by leveling the drain pipe with the floor – a common construction defect resulting in a cracked commode (bolted too tightly), or a wobbly commode (too loose).

At first I called them for the cracked toilet, but I was so impressed, I called them back a few months later to replace the other two. Excellent both times.

Legacy Plumbing exceeded my expectation.

Mike H., Frisco TX, July 31, 2012

Legacy Plumbing exceeded my expectation. Another plumber, who was highly recommended, came to the house and provided a quote on a problem we were having. I called Legacy plumbing for a second estimate for a very expensive job. They diagnosed the problem completely in a different manner. Saved me $1000. They were fast, friendly, and 6 months later still satisfied. I have recommended them twice to friends and they too have been completely satisfied.

Sign me up for the Mike and Matt/Legacy Plumbing fan club.

Vicki D., Frisco TX, July 21, 2012

Late Wednesday, I requested a contact via Angie’s List to replace two 12 year-old hot water heaters located in the attic. Early Thursday morning I received an email with an estimate. (By the way, email is always my preferred method of communication, but this is the first vendor that actually emailed instead of called!) By Thursday afternoon I had an appointment scheduled for Saturday between 10-12. They called about 10:30 to say they were on the way. The job was completed in about 2.5 hours and at a cost that was less than another bid I received. Mike and Matt, the two technicians, were punctual, professional, neat and extremely nice to work with… not sure I would have been as friendly considering the 100+ degree weather and working in an attic that was considerably “warmer”.

Sign me up for the Mike and Matt/Legacy Plumbing fan club. I will be using them again. Great service!

I highly recommend Legacy Plumbing.

Carol O., Plano TX, June 28, 2012

The owner gave me an estimate over the phone, what the price would be, and the day and time they would be able to come out and do the work. The plumber who came out to do the work, Mike, was on time and did outstanding work. He was very professional and gave me very helpful tips on keeping the pipes unclogged. I highly recommend Legacy Plumbing and would not call any other plumbing company but Legacy Plumbing.

2nd time we’ve hired Legacy Plumbing.

Jennifer M, Plano TX, June 25, 2012

This is the 2nd time we’ve hired Legacy Plumbing, and we can’t say enough good things about Theron and Wayne. We wish every contractor ran their business like this.

They were prompt, neat, and efficient.

Jane M Frisco, TX, June 7, 2012

These folks were great. They did a great job replacing my water heaters. They were prompt, neat, and efficient. They were helpful when I asked their advice on other plumbing projects. I will definitely use them for all my plumbing needs and refer them to neighbors and friends.


They are now our plumbers for life.

Eric G., Murphy TX, May 26, 2012

They were fantastic. I called several places for “ball park” estimates. Legacy immediately called me back…once with the office assistant with an estimate and again with the expert plumber for a concrete quote – they were the same. They were very upfront, honest and extremely friendly and the best price. (plus the Angie’s Discount…that was an extra bonus!) They were able to come out and replace our two hot water heaters that next Saturday…which worked out well for our busy schedules. Our plumber, Matt, was absolutely fantastic – just like I had read on Angie’s list. He explained every bit of what he was doing and helpful pointers, etc.

Unfortunately, we’ve had MANY issues w/ our plumbing and several thousand dollars later. So we’ve had a lot of other plumbers at our house and we’ve been EXTREMELY disappointed with all of them….lying, bait and switch, etc. Hence, our joining Angie’s List. Legacy Plumbers were absolutely fantastic!!! I could not recommend them enough. They are now our plumbers for life.

Maria T., Plano, TX, May 21, 2012

Hard to please husband was satisfied with the work.

I called Legacy Plumbing because there was a leaky faucet in my backyard. The man was very nice and quoted me two prices as soon as I told him what the problem was. He showed up promptly and My husband is the MOST DIFFICULT to please. I cannot believe that my husband actually called me after he left and told me how satisfied he was with the work done. I think that says it all.

We would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone

Cheryl C., Plano, TX April 12, 2012

We needed a new hot water heater after the pilot light on the existing one refused to stay lit. A couple of the companies we had in to try to repair it failed to diagnose the problem nor did they correct it. We chose Legacy Plumbing out of the 3 contractors interviewed because of the brand they carried, their price and their knowledge and professionalism during the initial interview. They answered all of our many questions and obtained all of the necessary permits. The installation went very smoothly, and their installers were punctual, courteous and efficient. We would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone who asked for a good plumbing company.

For the first time in 20+ years I have someone I can honestly recommend and trust!

Laurie S., Plano TX April 6, 2012

Wayne and Larry arrived on time and went through the list of items I wanted to address, gave me what I considered to be excellent estimates and then began diagnosing the water pressure situation. I had previously paid for another company to do this and they found no leak or explanation for the dwindling pressure and noise we heard, so I had my fingers crossed that Legacy Plumbing would do a much better job of problem solving. Within minutes Wayne identified that the problem was the city’s line into our main and asked me to call the city right away. The city responded very quickly and Wayne was able to tell them what he discovered and the city is out fixing that issue right now at no cost to me!

Words cannot express how wonderful it feels to have finally found this company and these honest men with true plumbing experience and most of all integrity. Wayne and Larry quickly addressed all my other maintenance issues and they left everything clean. They explained what they were doing, answered my questions, and offered helpful advice. We will be replacing our hot water heaters very soon and I WILL DEFINITELY BE CALLING LEGACY PLUMBING! and I’m asking for Wayne again. For the first time in 20+ years I have someone I can honestly recommend and trust! My thanks to Legacy Plumbing and Wayne for being extraordinary!

Very professional and knowledgeable.

Steve T., Melissa, TX, March 23, 2012

They were very professional and knowledgeable. They thoroughly explained what was causing the problem with the drain. They were neat and cleaned up well after themselves.

I will be recommending your company to everyone I know!

Deanna O., Plano, TX March 22, 2012

Wayne was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had a leak, and instead of thinking up ways to charge us for unnecessary work, he told us his honest opinion which would not require a plumber.

We took his advice and fixed our outside window seals and masonry and are currently watching to see if this fixed the issue. Since we were a first time customer, the visit was free. Thank you Wayne, for being so friendly and honest –and for breaking the stereotype of your field. Finding an honest plumber is like finding a unicorn. I will be recommending your company to everyone I know!


Have Confidence in Hiring Legacy Plumbing!I Plan to use Legacy for all of my Future Plumbing Needs

Deborah – Feb 18, 2012

The well groomed and dressed young plumber arrived on time, and completed the repair in a timely, courteous, efficient and informative manner. While the repair was in progress Theron Young, the company’s owner, arrived to introduce himself and ensure that I was completely satisfied with the service, repair and cost. In sum, I have finally found a plumbing company with which I am totally satisfied in terms of service, cost and congeniality. I plan to use Legacy for all of my future plumbing needs and recommend it to my friends and neighbors. I was especially impressed with the owner taking a personal interest in the repair and taking the time to meet me.

Amanda T, Plano, TX – Feb 18, 2012

Legacy Plumbing is as good as it gets. They offer a fine balance of fair pricing with exceptional work and superior customer service. Theron is my top recommendation for any plumbing-related issue. They have earned my personal business for years, and continue to do so for the dear friends and customers with whom I share their name and number. Have confidence in hiring Legacy Plumbing!

Lived up to Their Reputation

Amy ‎ – Feb 17, 2012

I hired them today based on their reviews and I was impressed and they lived up to their reputation. They fixed 4 toilets and a leaky sink with professionalism, speed and a fair price.

Excellent experience from start to finish

Denise – Jan 30, 2012

Matt and his assistant came out promptly to install 2 water heaters. They were extremely professional and very easy to talk to. They also installed a recirculation pump for instant hot water and how nice it is not to wait 20 minutes for the water in the shower to get hot. $$$ savings yes. They are coming back to install a new garbage disposal tomorrow. Excellent experience from start to finish.

Legacy Plumbing Did Top Notch Work

Chris ‎ – Jan 27, 2012

I currently live an older house in Frisco, Legacy Plumbing has completed a couple of projects for me. My latest project started with a very friendly plumber (Matt) being very professional; going above and beyond explaining to me in plain English what needed to be done. Legacy Plumbing did top notch work, even the city inspector, commented how his job was made easy when inspecting their work.


Great service! Very recommended!Excellent Customer Service

Shelia S., Dallas, TX – Jan 18, 2012

I had a problem and they were very nice and came out a fixed the issue. Excellent customer service. Thank you. Thank you.

Jeff – Jan 12, 2012

Excellent phone skills—and information with calls to Legacy Plumbing. Very professional. Matt, Repair Specialist arrived at the appointed time and did an excellent job with providing information, and answering questions and installing the new gas water heater. He obtained the correct information from the City of Coppell for installing a new water heater. And gave me the city inspector’s name and number for the required inspection. This was completed the following week and hot water heater was of course found to be in compliance with the city standard/requirements. Great service! Very recommended!

Does Everything with Integrity

Jennifer ‎ – Nov 8, 2011

If you want a company who works hard, is very knowledgeable, and does everything with integrity, you’ve found the right company.

Excellent work!

D. DULONG DALLAS, TX – August 2011

We called Legacy Plumbing after the kitchen of our condo was flooded by a leak from the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. Legacy removed the old toilet and explained it hadn’t been properly installed.

They said we needed sub flooring repair and recommended we get new tile flooring. After another contractor put in the new floor, Legacy promptly installed a new one-piece toilet. Excellent work! They provided an estimate beforehand and did not collect payment until the entire job was finished.


Excellent company, very professional and courteous employees.


T. Mohan, ALLEN, TX – August 23, 2011

Fixed break in my outside water main line between the house and city main at the street. Removed the damaged section and installed an entirely new section to correct the leak and bring the fittings up to current standard. Added a manual shut-off valve and piping sections made of materials that would not rupture if inadvertently frozen in the winter. Workmanship was of the highest quality. Experienced a break in my outside water main. Called Legacy Plumbing, they arrived 2 hours earlier than scheduled and called in advance that they could come earlier. Both technicians (Matt & ?)were extremely friendly and professional. Were able to perform the necessary repairs very quickly and did an outstanding job in installing a latest technology pipe joint and included an additional manual shut-off valve to bring the entire fitting up to current standards. Technician walked me through a complete inspection of what they had done. Really excellent workmanship. Biggest shock was the low price as I had feared the worse and they offered an added discount which was totally unsolicited. Basically, Legacy Plumbing turned what my wife and I feared as a major ordeal as we had no water in the house and were able to remedy very quickly, painlessly at a surprisingly very low price. Excellent company, very professional and courteous employees. They would be the only choice for any plumbing work I would ever need in the future.Worthy of putting their magnet on my refrigerator.

VERY satisfied customer and will be recommending Legacy Plumbing to everyone I know

A. Haggard – May 26, 2011

I called Legacy to fix some leaky shower valves on a Wednesday afternoon. I was scheduled for 9-11AM the next morning. A very reasonable price range was quoted up front. The technician (Matt) called ahead of time and promptly arrived 30 minutes later at 10:00AM. His estimate of time to repair was 20 minutes. He finished in 25 minutes. The quality of repair was excellent. The service was excellent. The attitude was outstanding. The bill was within the range quoted and I was given a discount without asking (1st time service call). If you are searching for a plumber, STOP. You have found the only one you will ever need. I am a VERY satisfied customer and will be recommending Legacy Plumbing to everyone I know.

These guys really care about “Getting it Right”

Online Customer Testimonial – May 14, 2011

We had some problems with the new tankless water heater they installed but it wasn’t their fault. They worked hard to quickly resolve all issues and make us happy. Usually, when there are problems, contractors give you “the attitude” but not with Legacy. These guys really care about “getting it right” and understand customer service. I can’t ask for anything better than that.

It took Legacy Plumbing 15 minutes today to fix the problem!

FriesLover – April 20, 2011

Scout Plumbing came by yesterday and tried for TWO HOURS to unclog a drain and left without fixing the problem. It took Legacy Plumbing 15 minutes today to fix the problem! I really appreciate their promptness, reasonable pricing, and good service. Honest plumbing companies are hard to find.

Best Plumbing Professionals

Srinath ‎ – March 23, 2011

Best Plumbing Professionals – We had a chronic 10 year old issue with our plumbing.We had with the hot and cold water pipes crossed somewhere and we had no hot water anywhere. We called quite a good number of plumbers and spent a lot of money. But none of them seem to have the knowledge or professionalism needed to in solving a complex problem. We had almost given up, Our neighbors who had good experience with Legacy Plumbers referred them and I called them. It was Matt Lawrence and Theorn Young who exactly found the problem and gave a preview of what needs to be done, I felt confident that these are the right guys who knew exactly what they were talking.. The next time they came, they worked for 3 hours and solved all the issues. We are very happy with their work. Even their bill is quite reasonable and they left the job site quite clean. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any plumbing issues. These are true professionals. I give them 5 STARS.

Patient and Honest

Stephanie S. Frisco Texas – March 30, 2011

My garbage disposal was stuck for a few days, and I called Legacy Plumbing off a home advertisement I received. The guy who answered was very friendly and told me my best bet was to hit the restart button located somewhere under the sink. He offered to walk me through it quickly so I wouldn’t have to pay someone to come out there if nothing was wrong. Pushing the button was simple and easy, but it’s not simple or easy to find someone who is patient or honest enough just to help you out. In case I have pipe problems in the future, I’m keeping this place in mind!

Honest About My Problem

CadesDad ‎ – Feb 16, 2011

Theron is a great guy, Legacy Plumbing came out to my house, and fixed my problem and was honest about my problem not needing to be replaced.

Estimate was 1/2 of Two Other Companies

Online Customer Testimonial – January 31, 2011

What can I say these guys were amazing!! Our estimate was 1/2 of two other companies, they showed up on time, explained everything and delivered on EVERYTHING they said they would do – I never had such a good experience. Wayne was my lead plumber and he was terrific! The drainpipe we needed to be repaired was below my driveway about 6 feet down. They located the broken pipe with some type of camera and were able to only place a small hole so to minimize the repairs required to the driveway. The tank-less heater was only one unit when the other company said we needed two. I would recommend these guys and will use them again!!

Extremely Pleased with this Company, Legacy Plumbing

Online Customer Testimonial – January 5, 2011

My first encounter was with the owner, Theron, who gave me a quote over the phone and then scheduled installation for the next day. He was very professional and informative, answered all my questions to my satisfaction. He also has his prices and products listed on his web site which I really appreciated as I was able to research his brand of water heaters, discovering that they are highly rated and helped me to make the decision to go with his company. Matt Lawrence did the actual installation. He did such a grea job; was very impressed that he was happy doing what he was doing. There are so many people that you just know that they are doing something just because they have to, not Matt. He took his time to explain what he was doing and why, cleaned up after himself and working alone, did the job in record time. He smiled all the time! During the installation, Theron, the owner, arrived to deliver a part. I didn’t even know he was here but he knocked on my door and just stated “I like to meet my customers” and thanked me for the business. This simple act of kindness will forever have me on his loyalty list! Extremely pleased with this company and thank you Angie’s list for this venue.

Emergency Gas Leak

Plano based,

by PlanoTX at Citysearch

Our home had an emergency gas leak and Atmos Energy shut our gas off in the coldest of winters. In a panic, I called plumbers in Dallas, Plano and Frisco. After speaking with neighbors in Plano, I had numerous referrals about I knew had a great reputation, were family owned and operated and are located in Plano, TX. They are hands down fair and honest in pricing and the BEST plumbing organization to call. They immediately came to my rescue, discussed options, and tackled all issues within a 5 hour time frame. Based on performance he had my gas turned back on in under 24 hours. I found Legacy Plumbing in Plano, TX to be a Christian based, trustworthy, honest, professional organization

I will continue to tell all my friends in Frisco, McKinney and Plano about

Thank you, you saved our family in an emergency!!!


By Jose – Oct 27, 2009

Their professionalism combined with their competitive pricing makes them a true find! (That’s why I had to share my experience). If you have a plumbing problem- be glad that you found these guys. They’ll definitely take care of you (and not overcharge!) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

My Plumber Gave up – Legacy Plumbing Fixed It

By Amanda – Jun 23, 2009

My real estate agent referred me to a plumber who tried to install a new faucet and drain on my existing garden tub… After several attempts, that guy gave up, and stated that it just couldn’t be done with out a tear out. I called Legacy Plumbing, and I am happy to report that the problem has been solved by a REAL plumber! (It was done within an hour or so.) Thanks, Theron and Matt. You saved the day, and now I have your number on speed dial.‎

Efficient, Friendly, Great Workmanship‎‎

By CC – Mar 11, 2009

I had my garbage disposal replaced. I called to find out what kind of garbage disposal I should buy. The owner, Theron, told me what kind would be best and about how much it would cost. We bought in the evening. They were scheduled between 2-4pm. Matthew got here at 1:30 pm after calling ahead to let us know he would be early. Didn’t take him long to uninstall old one and re-install new one. I followed their website link from google. I found a 10% off coupon on their site which was cool too. I would use them again.‎

Professional, Responsive and Quick.‎‎

By Tim – Mar 6, 2009

I had a slab leak. They made it to my home within a few hours to assess the situation. Returned the next day at the time promised and didn’t waste any time getting the job done. I am new to the Plano area and glad I found a good plumber.‎

Honest, Clean Cut Plumber!‎‎

By Plano Resident – Apr 1, 2008

Theron, is honest, clean cut and will give you a honest fair, price. He was out to my home in 2 hours and fixed a problem left by Lowes after they installed a dish washer.


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